About Us

Hi, I’m Rob Sleep, and along with my family, we are behind What Game Works. The website started as games that we played when traveling and visiting friends and relatives. Since then it has grown into a resource for all those different occasions in life where a few minutes of distraction and fun can make all the difference.

Having worked hard with friends and colleagues, all over the world, we also knew how to relax and I had played and enjoyed a great number of games from drinking games (Ride the Bus in Auckland), to more sedate games like (PassthePigs) whilst sailing across the Atlantic or simply playing car games whilst stuck in vacation traffic.

It was only when starting a family that I realized I had forgotten most of them and that I wanted to pass them on to my kids!

Along with Sarah (www.DragonflyDesign.fr) and our two daughters, we now live in France and run a16-bed holiday accommodation business (www.LaMaillerie.com), with 7 acres of land, 4 houses, and a swimming pool. This gives us ample occasions, with guests, with friends, or traveling to visit relatives to learn and play new games.

What Game Works is a collection of the information that we have gathered through personal experience and research, filtered, consolidated, and hopefully presented in a clear way to help others.

Fun Facts about Rob Sleep – LinkedIn

I have worked and raced all over the world as both a software and hardware engineer on many Open 60 Racing yachts, including Dee Caffari (www.deecaffari.co.uk ) and Rich Wilson ( http://www.sitesalive.com ) as well as a deck officer on Superyachts such as Adix and Amazon Express!

I am a keen adventurer and was a watch leader for the record setting Old Pulteney Row to the Pole ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Pulteney_Row_To_The_Pole ) having previously visited the arctic numerous times as part of the organization for the Polar Race.

I have worked for companies (and owned a few!) in many parts of the world, from installing reverse osmosis watermakers, to building state of the art camera systems to transmit live footage via satellite from sailing yachts(!), whilst they race around the world(!!); bonding with teammates by playing games was at the heart of them all.

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