Alphabet Game

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This is a great car or bus journey game. We play this as a family team but it works equally well if played individually against each other.

Time needed for one round: 5 minutes.

How to Play the Alphabet Game

  1. Overview

    This game is about spotting words in the world around you in alphabetical order.

  2. Team Challenge or Competitive

    Decide if this is going to be a team challenge or if individual players are going to play against each other.

  3. Team Challenge

    Starting with the letter ‘A’, anyone in the team has to spot a word, beginning with that letter, on road signs, billboards, shop signs, adverts, bumper stickers, etc. They then announce the result to the rest of the team. Having found an ‘A’ you then move on to ‘B’ and continue until ‘Z’.

  4. Competitive / Individual players

    The aim is the same as for the Team Challenge; starting with the letter ‘A’ spot a word beginning with that letter. Having found an ‘A’ you then move on to ‘B’ and continue until ‘Z’.
    The difference when playing competitively / individually is that you have to announce your letter and word quickly (usually gesticulating wildly!), to show its source but also to block others from using the same source if they are looking for the same letter!
    The winner is the person to get all the way to ‘Z’ the fastest.

  5. Variations:

    – Finding words for some letters (X, Z) can seem impossible so we often allow players to have a couple of ‘Free Passes’ where they can skip a letter.

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