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Another popular car/travel game. The benefit of this game is it does not rely on having items to see. We play this as a family team but it works equally well if played individually against each other.

Time needed for one round: 5 minutes.

How to Play Alphabetical Categories

  • Overview

    This game is about thinking of words from within a chosen category in alphabetical order.

  • Decide on a Category

    We usually take turns amongst the players as to what will be the next category.
    The categories can be anything but some of our favorites are:
    Movie Characters
    Places (Countries was too challenging for our kids at 6 and 4)

  • Game Play

    Having chosen a category (e.g Food), then the first players’ answer has to start with an ‘A’, second player with ‘B’ and so on until you get to ‘Z’.

  • We usually let each kid have two ‘Passes’ whereby the same letter moves to the next player. If everybody struggles with a letter we simply move on.

  • Its always surprising and educational as to what your children might come out with. Who would have guessed our 4 year old knew what a Narwhal was!

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