Balloon Bum / Booty PoP

The most competitive guests in the group will be quick to volunteer for this game as 2-3 people compete to burst as many balloons as they can in 60 seconds with their bottom. This is a noisy game but only takes a minute to play!

Tip: If you would like to introduce a little sabotage, ( if you have a particularly good balloon popper) then add in a couple of sausage-shape balloons to make it more challenging and funny to watch.

Resources:  Plenty of balloons, chairs for players to sit on.

How to play:

Players must collect a balloon, return to their chair, and just using their bottom, burst the balloon, before running back to get their next balloon. The most balloons burst in 60 seconds is the winner.

Adapt this game for more players by splitting guests into teams and setting them against each other, relay style, to burst one balloon per player in the quickest time.

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