Cheat / Bullshit

The aim is to get rid of your cards by playing them to the discard pile, cheating if you have to! However, if you do get caught you have to pick up the pile!

3-6 players with one deck of cards, 6-10 with two decks of cards.

General Play

Deal out all of the cards, one by one, to all the players. (Some players will have one more card than others)

  • The first player places between 1 and 4 cards face down creating a discard pile. That player then announces what the cards ‘are’; the claim is always that the cards are of the same value. i.e a player could say they have discarded “3 fours”. The fun comes as the player does not have to tell the truth! i.e they could have actually discarded ‘2 fours and a six’
  • The other players can then believe the announcement or call “CHEAT” if they think the player is lying about the cards he actually discarded.

If unchallenged, play then progresses to the next player who again must place between 1 and 4 cards face down on the discard pile. However, they MUST announce that they are either the same, 1 rank up or 1 rank down from the previous player. i.e if the previous player announced “3 fours” the next player (if no challenge) MUST announce a certain number of either three’s, fours or fives.

Challenge / Calling Cheat

  • If Cheat is called the last cards discarded are shown to all the players
  • If cards are as announced then the challenger who incorrectly called CHEAT has to pick up the entire discard pile
  • If the challenger is correct and the player was CHEATING then the player has to pick up the entire discard pile. Play then passes to the challenger who takes the next turn.

The first player to discard all there cards is the winner! (This normally means they were telling the truth as invariably people will call cheat to avoid them winning!)

Guide Points:

  • If you cannot go (you do not have one of the required cards (same, 1 up or 1 down) then you will have to CHEAT and hope to not get caught! That is the game!
  • You should only play when it is you go.

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