Fun Bridal Shower Games Ideas – Our Ultimate Short-list

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If you are organizing a Bridal Shower and are looking for some great games, Don’t Panic! 

Coming up with a list of fun games to keep everybody entertained and engaged is challenging. This short-list will save you loads of time trawling for ideas online!

We have Bridal Shower games here that work really well for mixed-age groups, especially where people might not know each other too well (or at all).

If you are looking for something more Raucous, Raunchy or  Riske check out our “Ultimate Guide to Bachelorette Party Games”

Let’s start with some ice-breakers to create a great fun atmosphere and get guests mixing and chatting. We have 5 great games to choose from that adapt easily to any venue and age group.

Ice Breakers

1. Commonality

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Commonality is the perfect starter game to bring guests together to discover the things they have in common.

Resources: Pen & Paper for each team

How to play:

The Host divides guests into pairs or small groups and explains that they have to discover 3 things that they have in common, the more unlikely or funny the better. Each team must then draw their 3 commonalities (without using text) on a piece of paper for the other teams to guess. 

It is a great game to warm everyone up and get people bonding and giggling.

TIP:When people first arrive ask them to design themselves a name badge that also says how they know the bride ( eg, Gemma – Brides Cousin) It makes it so much easier for people to strike up a conversation for the first time and if you are like me, prone to forgetting peoples names, it just skips that awkwardness altogether’!

2. 2 truths and 1 lie

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Most of your guests may have already heard of this game or will at least have an inkling of what is involved. This makes it an easy opening group game that quickly introduces everyone to the party. 

How to play:

The host invites everyone to sit or stand in a circle. One by one, each person in the circle says three statements about herself. Two of these statements must be facts, or “truths,” and one must be a lie. The other members then try to guess which statement is the lie, before moving on to the next group member.

TIP: Help guests to come up with ideas for their truths and lie by suggesting some of the following categories:
  • Pet hates & Passions
  • Brushes with fame
  • Embarassing Experiences
  • Unusual abilities or skills
  • Little white Lies
  • I want to own up to….

3. I’ve done something you haven’t done

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Everyone has a chance to sparkle in this game that involves celebrating the experiences that make us unique and funny individuals.

How to play:

Have each person take a turn to state something they have done that they think no one else at the bridal shower has done or will admit to. ( the funnier the better) The player may sit down if no other guest claims to have done the same thing. If they are not the sole claimant, the player must come up with a new statement and try again before moving on to the next guest.

4. Wedding on the Brain

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This is possibly the first game to expect out-and-out cheating! Guests compete against each other to draw a wedding scene on a paper plate whilst balancing it on their head. Believe me, the pictures wont fail to have everyone in hysterics!

Resources: White Paper Plate and Pen for each guest

How to play

The Host invites all the guests to hold their paper plate on their head and explains that the plate must remain on the top of the head throughout the game. With pens poised the host then gives the guests a series of instructions to follow to draw a wedding scene.

Here are the instructions:  

  • Draw a line to make a floor for your picture
  • Draw a Bride with a veil.
  • Draw a Groom with a hat on.
  • Draw a heart with an arrow through it.
  • Sign your artwork 

If you want to have a winner then get everyone to hold their pictures in the air and then get them to put them down if:

Deciding on a winner  

  • Is the Bride’s veil on her head?
  • Is the Grooms Hat on his head?
  • Is the Arrow through the heart?
  • Are they standing on the ground?

It is fun to take a photo of all the paper plate weddings together to make a montage of images as an hilarious keep sake for the Bride to be.

It works really well to choose a couple of Ice-Breaker games for your Bridal Shower to welcome guests and create a fun atmosphere. They lead nicely into our Group Games as guests are relaxed and know each other a bit better.

Group Games

Group Games can take your Bridal Shower to the next level and create lots of fun memories that will make your shower stand out! Depending on your group, venue, and available time we have a selection of the best High Energy and Low Impact Bridal Shower games out there!

5. Animal Line-up

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Now that everyone has warmed up and feels relaxed this funny game gives guests a chance to let themselves go a little! 

How to play

The host invites everyone to silently think of an animal. Then explains that guests should form a line, arranging themselves from the smallest animal to the biggest, without talking. Guests can only mime their animal to work out the order they need to be in. When the line is formed, ask participants to call out their animal to see if they got the order right.

This game quickly reveals the performers of the group who will no doubt have everyone else in stitches!

(to make it easier then allow players to also make the noise of their animal)

6. Tissue-Couture

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Every Bridal Shower needs a Showcase Game, and this classic is still the number 1 trending game because it’s creative, competitive and fun!

Resources: 3-4 rolls of toilet tissue and a roll of sticky tape per team

Traditionally, this game involves teams competing to create a beautiful wedding dress out of rolls of toilet tissue. However, if you also give each team some sticking tape the design and creativity levels go through the roof and you will definitely have some Catwalk Couture going on! Set a time limit as guests will get really involved in this game and not want to stop!

How to play:

The Host divides all the guests into teams and asks each team to pick a model “bride” for whom they will design a toilet tissue wedding dress. 

Give each team 3-4 rolls of toilet tissue and some sticky tape and explain they have x amount of time to design their dress. When the time is up, invite each team bride to strut her stuff on the catwalk and let the Bride choose her favourite dress.

Tissue couture awakens inner stylist chic in every guest, though some of your models may still end up looking more like Zombies than Brides! It is the perfect game for taking lots of photos, especially a group photo of all the tissue brides together at the end. 

7. The Great Biscuit Bite-Off

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This hilarious game, influenced by the popular Bake-off T.V series challenges guests to nibble their biscuit into a given shape against the clock. The best biscuit shape wins. Played over three rounds, Signature / Technical / Showstopper this game works really well as a seated game if you have limited space at your Bridal Shower.

Resources: 3 crackers/biscuits per player

How to play:

Round 1 is the Signature Challenge. The Host invites guests to nibble a shape into their biscuit that best represents them. Invite the Bride to choose a winner.

Round 2 is the Technical Challenge. The Host asks participants to nibble a difficult / riske shape from their cracker. The finished products are judged blind and ranked from worst to best by the Bride. 

Round 3 is the Showstopper Challenge. This challenge is for the guests to show off their skills and talent. Having now had some practice, what marvellous creation can they nibble to stand out from the crowd.

You can split the game into three rounds with a winner for each round and one overall winner.

8. Pictionary: Bridal Shower Edition

This is a game of Bridal Pictionary…with a difference! Usually, the Bridal Shower Pictionary clues are simply wedding-related, however, to increase the laughs we suggest throwing in a few “innocent” clues that look far from innocent when guests try to draw them! Guaranteed laughs with this game and definitely a crowd-pleaser.

Resources: Pen and paper for each team.

How to play:

The Host divides the guests into large teams. At the start of each round the teams nominate an artist who is given a Pictionary clue to draw (by the host) for their team to guess in less than 60 seconds. Teams can either play simultaneously or take it in turns or a mix of both. The team with the highest score wins.

Here are a few words and phrases to get you started. You shouldn’t need anymore than 10 so choose your favourites or the most appropriate for the guest stepping up to draw! 

Wedding theme:

  • Bridezilla
  • Cold Feet
  • Kiss the Bride
  • Big Fat Indian Wedding
  • Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
  • Tieing the knot
  • 27 dresses
  • Bridal shower
  • My best friends wedding
  • Runaway Bride
  • Something old something new
  • Wedding crashers
  • Cocktails
  • Karma Sutra
  • Mother in law

Innocent additional clues:

  • Blowing up a balloon 
  • Playing Leapfrog
  • Bearded lady
  • Brazilian
  • Bermuda Triangle
  • Mohawk
  • Landing strip
  • Kinky Boots
  • Spooning
  • Yoga- Downward Facing Dog
  • Disco Mixing Deck
  • Mushroom on a grassy hill

The above clues will generate just as much laughter and giggles if you opt for a game of Wedding Charades instead!

9. Bottle Shimmy

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This high energy game will have your guests on their feet lifting their dresses in a competition to crown the Shimmy champion. 

Resources: 2 small wine bottles or similar

How to play

Place 2 bottles a short distance apart on the floor and invite your guests to shimmy over both of them with one foot on the outside of each bottle. After each round move the bottles further apart. The winner is the guest who can shimmy over the bottles at the widest distance.

Lively background music, High Heels make this game even funnier to play and watch. You will be surprised how flexible some of your guests are when faced with this challenging party classic. 

10. Straight Face

You have enjoyed watching the laughter and hilarity of the previous games, so now is the perfect time to challenge your guests to keep a straight face!

Resources: pre-written humourous sentences on bits of paper

How to play:

The Host allows each player to select a small piece of paper from a bowl with a sentence written on it that they must read out to the group whilst keeping a straight face. If they smile, laugh or giggle they are out.                                                                   

Players take turns and are eliminated until there are only 2 players left for the” Laugh Off’. In this last round the aim of the game is to create the most laughter from group guests when you read out your sentence.

The key to this game is coming up with the best funny sentences for guests to read out. With a smaller intimate group you can invite guests to invent and write the sentences themselves. Alternatively, you can pre-write the sentences for the guests to read out.

There are some example sentences below to get you started and inspire you to come up with some even funnier ones yourself!

Tongue Twisters:

  • Ice Bank Mice Elf and The Bob Loblaw Law Blog
  • Cheap Ship trip Rubber baby buggy bumpers.
  • The sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick.”
  • Frivalous fat fanny fried fresh fish furiously.
  • How can a clam cram in a clean cream can?

The Knowledge:

  •  If you say gullible slowly it sounds like oranges
  • “Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.”
  • Boy zebra are black with white stripes and girl zebra are white with black stripes.
  • Scientists have discovered a massive star at the centre of the solar system which might be the cause of global warming.
  • Noggle Bark sheep of Peru have 2 legs longer than the others for walking on hillsides.
  • Did you know, Women can’t touch their elbows together behind their back.
  • I wont go skiing because of the snow spiders.
  • The reason people wear watches on their left wrist is because it is closer to your face.
  • Never make eye contact whilst eating a banana

11. Balloon Bum / Booty PoP

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The most competitive guests in the group will be quick to volunteer for this game as 2-3 people compete to burst as many balloons as they can in 60 seconds with their bottom. This is a noisy game but only takes a minute to play!                                                 If you would like to introduce a little sabotage, ( if you have a particularly good balloon popper) then add in a couple of sausage-shape balloons to make it more challenging and funny to watch.

Resources:  Plenty of balloons, chairs for players to sit on

How to play:

Players must collect a balloon, return to their chair, and just using their bottom, burst the balloon, before running back to get their next balloon. The most balloons burst in 60 seconds is the winner.

Adapt this game for more players by splitting guests into teams and setting them against each other, relay style, to burst one balloon per player in the quickest time.

12. Junk In the trunk

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This is another Bridal Shower Classic as guests battle against each other to empty their booty box of chocolates before anyone else can, by wiggling their bottoms. 

Have your camera ready!


An empty rectangular tissue box for each player with string/ribbon attached to tie around the players waist.

Individually Pre-wrapped chocolates.

How to play:

The host gives each player a tissue box to tie around their waist containing a number of pre-wrapped chocolates. The box must rest just above their bottom.

When the music starts, the players have just 60 seconds to shake, wiggle and jiggle as many chocolates out of their box as they can. The winner is the first player to empty their trunk or the player who has fewest chocolates left in their trunk at the end of 60 seconds.

A quick photographic How -To Guide to Making the box for Junk in the Trunk party game. Includes dimensions and alternative ideas if you don’t have some items.

13. Fruit Croquet

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Here is another priceless high energy game that will have everyone in fits of giggles. This game is easily adapted to the amount of space you have, but let me warn you, this gets super competitive….which makes it all the funnier to play and watch. 

Fruit Croquet will be the game your guests remember and the magic works best if you make it your only or last high energy game.

How to play:

You’ll need a pair of pantyhose/tights and 2 oranges per player. Place an orange in one leg of the pantyhose. Now tie the pantyhose around the players waist so that the orange is dangling between their legs. Place another orange on the floor between their feet.
Now the players must use the fruit in the stocking to knock the fruit on the floor from the starting line to the finish line. 

If your space is limited, Individual guests can race against the clock or guests in teams can race against each other. 

Your guests will be ready for a breather after this one so our next game is the perfect seated wind-down game.

14. Would She rather….?

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How well do your guests really know the bride? How well does the bride really know herself! You are about to find out with this hilarious version of “Would she rather?

Resources: A list of would she rather questions

How to Play:

Choose 10-12 “would she rather” questions for this game. (We have shared a list of ideas below to get you started.) The host then invites the guests to vote with a show of hands for the option they think the Bride would choose for each question. As the host you can either put these questions to the bride before the Bridal Shower and have a list of answers ready, or leave it until the day and ask the Bride for her answer after all the guests have voted.

Knowing the bride as well as you do, it can be really funny to personalize the “would she rather” questions to make them extra tough

  • Would she rather look 10 years older from the neck up, or the neck down?          
  • Would she rather give up coffee for a year or make-up?
  • Would she rather have to eat jam sandwiches for lunch every day or chip sandwiches?
  •  Would she rather go to a nightclub in a bikini and wellies or go to work in school uniform?
  • Would she rather have no eyebrows or only one eyebrow?
  • Would she rather have 7 fingers on each hand or have 7 toes on each foot?
  • Would she rather look like a fish or smell like a fish?
  • Would she rather have no hair or be completely hairy?
  • Would she rather have a dog that could hum or a cat who could whistle?
  • Would she rather live in New Zealand for a year or not go on holiday for 3 years?
  • Would she rather always be 10 minutes late or always be 20 minutes early?
  • Would she rather have third eye or a third ear?


Printables and DIY paper-based games can work exceptionally well at a Bridal Shower so don’t forget to have a couple ready in advance. They work very well where guests are seated at tables and after guests have eaten and wish to relax a little. Sometimes guests who may feel less comfortable with other games often  shine when it comes to our paper-based games.

15. The “Guess How Old” Game

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If you can get hold of copies of photos of the bride at different ages, then this a brilliant diy game that will have everyone stepping back into the past and giggling at funny hairstyles and clothing from yesteryear.

Resources: 8-10 numbered photos of the bride at different ages, a large poster size piece of paper to mount the photos on, some means of displaying the photo poster, answer cards + pens for Guests to record their answers. Hosts list of answers.

How to play:

Guests are given an answer card and pen and challenged to guess the age of the bride in each photo. 

This is such a flexible game, you can play it at any stage of your Bridal Shower and it is sure to create some laughs and have people reminiscing about the bride.

16. Cake-a-licious/Chocolate Heaven  Quiz

These are both simple printable picture quiz games based on the yummy topics of Chocolate and cakes…..a guaranteed hit at a Bridal Shower. The quizzes have a series of photos and Guests have to guess the names of the chocolate or cake from each clue photo.

17. Wedding Emoji Game

This is an easy, printable game of Emoji Pictionary, where guests have to guess the wedding-related words and phrases using Emoji clues. There are a number of  versions available online to download.

(dont forget our Bonus Game below!)

So there you have it, all the Bridal Shower games you need taken care of, to make your Brides shower the BEST EVER!  We hope we have inspired you!

If you know someone who is organising a Bridal Shower, share our link using your favourite social media buttons….it will save them hours of research online!  

Don’t forget to Bookmark/Favourite this page so it is easy to pop back to, and if you play our games, do let us know in the comments below.

If you invent a twist on any of our Bridal Shower Games that works really well we really want to hear about it!

BONUS: The Frocky Horror Picture Show

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Resources: Bad photos!!

How to play:

This isn’t so much a hen night game, merely a chance for all the group to have a real laugh and a walk down memory lane with the bride-to-be.

Prior to the weekend, ask all the hens to bring along the worst photo they can find of themselves with the guest of honour. The older and more badly dressed the better.

If everyone comes up trumps you’ll uncover some real beauties, the bride in school uniform, at birthday parties, dodgy college or uni fashion phases, etc. Each photo will remind her of treasured times and have everyone laughing at some possibly terrible hairstyles!

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  1. useful bridal shower game ideas. Have pretty card stock and glitter pens ready to go. Pass them out and have everyone write down their favorite date-night suggestion for the happy couple. After everyone reads their suggestion aloud, deposit them into a cute box that the bride can take home and use for future Friday nights.


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