Guess How Old

If you can get hold of copies of photos of the ‘target’ (Bride, Groom, Birthday Boy, etc) at different ages, then this a brilliant game that will have everyone stepping back into the past and giggling at funny hairstyles and clothing from yesteryear.

Works well with a group that may not know each other and come from different stages in the ‘targets’ life ie childhood, college, sports teams, work, etc.

Resources: 8-10 numbered photos of the ‘target’ at different ages, a large poster-size piece of paper to mount the photos on, some means of displaying the photo poster, answer cards + pens for Guests to record their answers. Hosts list of answers.

How to play:

Guests are given an answer card and pen and challenged to guess the age of the target in each photo. 

This is such a flexible game, you can play it at any stage of a party, or even just running in the background, and it is sure to create some laughs and have people reminiscing about the target.

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