How to make the Box for Junk in the Trunk game.

A quick photographic guide to making the box for Junk in the Trunk party game. Includes dimensions and alternative ideas if you don’t have some items.

Time Needed (incl wrapping) 15 minutes.

How to Make a Box for Junk in the Trunk Game

  1. Materials / Tools you will need :

    – Scissors / Sharp Knife

    – Cardboard box (see dimensions below)

    – Ribbon (~ 60-72″ / 150-180cm for adults; leaves plenty for tying tight)
    (Note: Alternatively this could be an actual belt, strap, dressing gown cord etc)

    – Ping-Pongs balls
    (We have also used pre-wrapped sweets or kids plastic golf balls..)

  2. Choose a Box

    The standard box of choice is an old tissue box but we found a number of other similar-sized boxes can work equally well.

    NOTE: Buying patterned/decorative tissue boxes may avoid the need to decorate the box if it to be used for a ‘special’ event e.g. Bridal Shower

    The approximate minimum dimensions for the box you want are:
    7″ x 4″ x 2.5″
    20cm x 9.5cm x 6cm

    This size comfortably allows for three/four ping pong balls.

  3. Cut the Big hole

    The first hole to do is the large one at the front of the box where the balls will be placed. Doing this hole first makes threading the ribbon/strap easier later on.
    This hole needs to be big enough to get the balls in but NOT TOO big.

    The smaller the hole, the harder it is to get the ping pong balls out again, but if it is too difficult it can feel very demoralizing and guests are less likely to have a second, third, fourth go!

    The size we would suggest is: 6″ x 2″ (15cm x 5cm).

    TIP: Remember the hole does not have to be centered in the box. We would suggest that the bottom edge is at least 1″ to avoid the balls coming out too easily.

    (If you want to decorate/wrap your box for a special event we suggest doing it now; refer Step 11)

  4. Adding the Belt

    This is simply a matter of making two straight vertical cuts in the back of the box. You then thread the belt/ribbon/strap etc through the back of the box.
    The cuts shown are overly large for the strap but make it much easier to thread the strap through.

  5. Strap passing through Box

  6. Box as seen from the other side.

  7. Thread Strap/Ribbon thru second cut.

  8. Box with strap/ribbon threaded.

  9. Testing – Shake your Booty!

    If you haven’t played before this is fun. I challenge you not to smile when you first try and get the balls to come out!
    (Even when you are on your own!)

  10. Adjustments (if required)

    We are aiming for it to take about 30 seconds to a minute. If people are ‘going hard’ for that amount of time they will be exhausted!

    – If its too DIFFICULT then simply make the hole bigger.
    – If its too EASY then you can add some tape over the hole to make it smaller.
    – Small changes can make a big difference!

    You may also have slightly different versions depending on who is playing!
    Kids, Adults or Aunt Betty with the awkwardly good TWERK!

  11. Decorating

    If you do want a nicer or themed box then it is easy to wrap the box with suitable paper.

    We would suggest you wrap AFTER cutting the big hole but BEFORE the vertical cuts i.e. between steps 3 and 4. That way you can fold the wrapping paper over the big hole edges.

    When cutting the wrapping over the big hole, if you follow the cut lines suggested above you will have useful flaps of wrapping paper to fold inside the box.

  12. Get your Booty Rocking

    Finished Junk in the Trunk Box

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