How to..

There are a few extra cool things you can do with our website to make it even more useful for you:

Share / EMail

Share with Anybody and Everybody, anyway you like.

Simply click on one of the onscreen Social Network icons or if you prefer simply E-Mail a link to the page!

Print / Save to PDF

You can print any page that you are on by clicking on the icon.

(May not work on Mobile devices)

You will then get a preview of what you are going to be printing.

Now you can select if you want to send it to your printer or you can also SAVE it as a PDF or on Google Drive.

Within the normal settings you can also choose which specific pages if you don’t want them all.

NOTE: It will print exactly what is shown on your webpage. Make sure you have ‘OPENED’ any of the ‘How to Play’ sections if you want them to be visible when printing.


Not enough time to read all the games and save them all?

No Problem!!

You can bookmark your Favorite Games or Blogs and then when you come back they will be waiting for you on the MENU > YOUR FAVORITES page.

Simply click on one of the Save to Favorites Icons ( ) and they will be stored for you.

The first time you will need to Register and when you return you simply Login when prompted or from the MENU page.

View it all OFFLINE! Download our App


Too many games to remember, too much to read right now..


Download our App and you will have access to all the Posts and Games, all the time, even when you are OFFLINE!

Only what you view whilst online will automatically update onto your phone, so you can view it again later, even if you lose your internet connection. This means it doesn’t fill your phone memory with loads of stuff your not interested in!