I Went To the Shops and I Bought…

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This is a popular memory game that has lots of variations.

Time needed for one round: 5 minutes.

How to Play ‘I Went To the Shops and I Bought…’

  • Overview

    This is a memory game where each player has to remember all the listed items from previous players and then add one more.

  • General Play

    At the start of their go each player states the sentence ‘I Went To the Shops and I Bought..’

  • Player 1 makes the statement and then adds an item (eg I Went To the Shops and I Bought..A ball)

  • The next player then makes the statement ‘I Went To the Shops and I Bought..’ and then has to say all the items that have been purchased before their go and then add another one. (eg I Went To the Shops and I Bought.. A ball and A carrot)

  • Play continues until someone makes a mistake; either not remembering all the items or not stating them in the correct order. At that point, they are out, and the next player has a go.

  • How to Win

    We usually say that to be crowned the winner you have to be able to have a successful go after all others have failed!

  • Variations:

    – For younger kids it can be easier to remember if the items bought have to follow the alphabet. eg Player 1: Avocado, Player 2: Avocado-Ball, Player 3: Avocado-Ball-Carrot etc

  • Alternative Versions:

    Change the initial statement;
    I Went to the Market and I bought..
    I Travelled to The Jungle and I Saw..
    I Went on Holiday To..
    I Packed in my Bag a..

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