I’m Thinking Of..

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An easier version of 20 questions, and offers more objects than just those in sight for I Spy.

Time Needed for one round: 5 minutes.

How To Play I’m Thinking of..

  • General Play

    Just like in 20 Questions you have a lead player that thinks of a topic and then the other players have to guess the answer. They do this by asking questions to which the Lead Player can only answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

  • For our younger kids, we also introduced the option of ‘Another Clue’ if they were finding it too difficult but after a few rounds this wasn’t needed.

  • Lead player

    “I am thinking of ….,” they then name a feature or attribute of the object or thing. Eg “I am thinking of an animal.”

  • Guessers

    The other players then ask questions or make a guess and we go back and forth between questions and guesses until they work out the correct answer.

  • Example Game

    Lead Player – I’m Thinking of… an animal! (Tiger)

    Guesser 1 – Can it fly?
    Lead Player – No
    Guesser 2 – Does it have 4 legs?
    Lead Player – Yes
    Guesser 1 – Does it live in the Desert?
    Lead Player – No
    etc etc

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