Junk In the trunk

This is another Classic as guests battle against each other to empty their booty box before anyone else can, by wiggling their bottoms.

Have your camera ready!


A quick photographic How-To Guide to Making the Box for Junk in the Trunk party game. Includes dimensions and alternative ideas if you don’t have some items.

An empty rectangular box (eg Tissue box) for each player with string/ribbon attached to tie around the player’s waist.

Ping Pong Balls, Individually Pre-wrapped chocolates… anything that will bounce around in the box!

How to play:

The host gives each player a tissue box to tie around their waist containing a number of ping-pong balls (or sweets etc). The box must rest just above their bottom.

When the music starts, the players have just 60 seconds to shake, wiggle and jiggle as many items out of their box as they can. The winner is the first player to empty their ‘trunk’ or the player who has fewest items left in their trunk at the end.

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