The Game Left Right Center Rules: Instructions on how to play.

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Left Right Center is a simple fast-playing dice game for three or more players of any age. It requires no skill and can be played virtually anywhere you can roll three dice!

The game is most commonly known as LEFT CENTER RIGHT but it is all explained below.

Free LCR Cheat Sheet >>>>

Downloadable / Printable JPG simply click on the image and then print.

Left Center Right Cheat Sheet
JPG LCR Cheat Sheet

The game follows two very basic rules:

Rule 1: How many Dice to Roll?

  • If you have 3 or more chips (eg tokens, coins etc), roll 3 dice.
  • If you have 2 chips, roll 2 dice.
  • If you have 1 chip, roll 1 dice
  • If you have no chips, you miss a go.

Rule 2: What to do with your Chips?

  • Roll a 1,2 or 3 = Dot – Do nothing
  • Roll a 4 = Left – give a chip to the left
  • Roll a 5 = Center – give a chip to the right
  • Roll a 6 = Right – give a chip into the center pot

Note: You are never ‘out’ of a game. Even if you have no chips the players on either side of you may have to give you chips!

Playing the Game

  • Each player starts with three chips (tokens, coins etc) and follows the two rules.
  • The first player, starting with three chips, can roll all three dice and then follows the ‘What to do with your Chips’ rule for each dice rolled, one at a time.
If they rolled an L, C, and Dot, they would give one chip to the left, give one chip to the center pot and then do nothing.
At the end of their turn, they would have one chip and play passes to the left.
  • In turn, each player rolls the number of dice according to Rule 1 and then distributes or keeps them according to Rule 2.
  • Players aren’t eliminated when they run out of chips because, as long as the game continues, chips might be passed to them.
  • Play continues until there is only one remaining player with chips. That player also wins the pot in the center.

How to Win at LCR / Left Center Right.

Players take it in turn to roll the dice and over the course of the game, they aim to collect all the chips from the other players to become the winner.

Play continues until only one player has any chips, with all other chips being in the center pot.

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You can purchase the Official LCR Dice on Amazon. The official dice come with Letters (LCR) and Dots, or just as easily you can use 3 x normal 6-sided dice.

Playing Left Center Right with Regular Dice

Left Center Right with Regular Dice
Left Center Right with Regular Dice

Left Right Center Frequently Asked Questions

No Chips / Coins / Tokens left…

If you run out of chips during your turn you simply end your turn and play passes to the next player.

NOTE: If you lose all your chips, you are not out of the game, other players could still be required to pass you chips on their turn!

However, if you have no chips at the start of your turn, you don’t roll any dice or take any actions until you have some chips. You simply miss a turn. As soon as you have chips again then you take your turn as normal.

How to play Left Right Center with Regular Dice

The gameplay is exactly the same only you replace the L, R, C, and Dots with the following numbers:

L = 4, C = 5, R = 6 and Dot = 1, 2 or 3

Click on an image below to download or print a reminder!

How do you win Left Right Center?

Play continues until any point where only one player has any chips. That player is the winner and they also get to keep all of the chips from the pot.

Playing Left Right Center for money…three variations

There are various different ways people can play for money:

  • All the players decide on the value for 1 chip
  • All the players then pay the ante for 3 chips
    • ie 1 chip is worth $1, each player pays $3 per game
  • The winner takes all


  • All the players decide on the value for 1 chip
  • Each player decides how many chips they would like and pays the ante accordingly.
  • The winner takes all


  • All the players decide on the value for 1 chip
  • All the players then pay the ante for 3 chips
  • If any player gives away their last chip they can ‘choose’ to ante up another 3 chips. This must be done immediately, before play passes to the next player. This can only be done three times by each player in one game.

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