Mexico Dice

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This is a great game if playing with family or friends as you can add the extra dimension of betting with real money or simply playing for fun.

2+ players (3 or more is best) Ages 5+

Resources: 2 Dice and a score sheet or tokens/ gambling chips.

Time Needed for One Round: 2 minutes.

How to Play Mexico Dice

  • General Play

    The objective is to be the last player with any tokens/chips/lives. At the end of each round the losing player loses one life (if gambling then they put one chip into the center ‘winner pot’).

  • In order to win a round you need to have rolled the highest score from your two dice. Your score is the two-digit number represented by the face value of the dice, in which the larger number is the first digit. For example, a roll of a 2 and 3 would be a score of 32.

    Doubles(1-1, 2-2, 3-3, etc.) score higher than any mixed roll. e.g a 1-1 scores higher than a 6-5.
    A ‘Mexico’ is the highest score 2-1!

  • Player 1 rolls the two dice. He can choose to accept his roll or he can roll again. A maximum of three rolls and you cannot choose your score from a previous roll. The score is noted.

  • NB: If player one chooses to roll more than once all subsequent players can only have a maximum number of rolls as player 1 e.g if player 1 doesn’t like his first roll but likes his second then all subsequent players can only have 2 rolls maximum in that round.

  • Player 2 rolls the two dice. He can choose to accept his roll or he can roll again (Only if player 1 rolled again). The score is noted.

  • When all players have a score noted, then the player with the lowest recorded score loses that round. That player then loses a ‘life’ or has to put a token/chip in the ‘winner’s pot’.

  • The losing player starts the next round.

  • How to Win

    Play continues until there is only one player left with any ‘lives’ or tokens/chips. They then claim the ‘Winner’s Pot’.

Mexico Dice Score:
from Best Down
6-4 etc

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