On the Brain

Guests compete against each other to draw a wedding scene on a paper plate whilst balancing it on their head. Believe me, the pictures wont fail to have everyone in hysterics!

Easily Adapted to different scenarios!

Resources: White Paper Plate and Pen for each guest

How to play

The Host invites all the guests to hold their paper plate on their head and explains that the plate must remain on the top of the head throughout the game. With pens poised the host then gives the guests a series of instructions to follow:

Here are the instructions:  (eg for a Bridal Shower, as shown above)

  • Draw a line to make a floor for your picture
  • Draw a … (eg Bride)
  • Draw a … (eg Groom)
  • Draw a … (eg heart and write the couple’s initials inside it)
  • Sign your artwork 

If you want to have a winner then get everyone to hold their pictures in the air and then get them to put them down according to how accurate they have been. Eg for a bridal shower:

Deciding on a winner  

  • Is the Bride’s veil on her head?
  • Is the Grooms Hat on his head?
  • Is the Arrow through the heart?
  • Are they standing on the ground?

It is fun to then take a photo of all the paper plate masterpieces together to make a montage of images as a hilarious keepsake.

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