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Another well-known favorite it can test general knowledge or be made more specific when choosing your category. Each answer must begin with the final letter of the previous answer; no repetition allowed.

General Play
  • A category is chosen; careful selection is what makes this game so variable. You could choose anything but they best categories need lots of possible answers (eg animals, countries, capitals etc).
  • Player one states an answer eg France (for a category of countries)
  • Player two then has to think of a country begining with the last letter of the previous player. e.g E – Ecuador
  • The next player then does the same e.g R – Romania
  • Play continues until a player cannot think of an answer.

The category selection and the sub-sections that are allowed can make this game even more interesting. e.g Category of Animals is Dogs an acceptable answer or only specific species of dog!

  • Use famous names where the next player has to think of a name with the first name begins with the first letter of the second name eg John Wayne > Winona Ryder > Rachel Weiz
  • Movie Game – Where you think of a movie, the next player has to think of an actor in that movie, the next player has to think of a different movie that actor has been in etc etc

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