Simon Says

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This is a great game when kids are starting to get a bit restless.

We have played it when we aren’t able to stop but need to get them moving.

Time needed for one round:  1 minute.

How to Play ‘Simon Says’

  • Overview

    The lead player, ‘Simon’, will call out commands (eg ‘Simon Says wave your hands’)and the other players have to follow.

  • The Rules

    If the lead player starts by saying ‘Simon Says….’ then all the players must FOLLOW the command.

  • If, however, the lead player simply states a command, WITHOUT saying ‘Simon Says..’ all the players must IGNORE the command.

  • Example Game

    Lead Player says – ‘Simon Says Wave your Hands’.
    All players must wave hands
    Lead Player says – ‘Simon Says Cover your Eyes’.
    All players must cover their eyes

    Lead Player says – ‘Stamp your Feet’.
    Any players that stamp their feet lose a life! Simon didn’t say stamp your feet!

Another game to get them moving and twisting in their seats, try Waving Competition.

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