Spit Card Game, two-player rules with Printable

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Spit AKA Speed or Slam although they are actually slightly different games.

Spit the card game is a fast, fun, addictive game where players do NOT take turns. We explain the rules and have a cheat sheet to remind you how to play. This game is a test of speed and focus, as the players race to get rid of all of their cards before their opponent.

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    Spit The Card Game Cheatsheet Printable


    The pack is dealt, face down, so each player has half (26 cards each).

    The ‘Spit’ Deal

    Both players take their cards and layout 5 in a row, face down, in front of them.
    – a 2nd card is dealt on the last 4 cards,
    – a 3rd card is dealt on the last 3 cards,
    – a 4th card is dealt on the last 2 cards,
    – a 5th card is dealt on the final card pile.
    Each player turns over the top card on each of their own 5 ‘Stockpiles’.

    Each players’ remaining cards are placed in the middle of the table forming two piles.

    Same Card

    At any stage in the game, if a player reveals two stockpile cards that are the same they may move one from its stockpile on top of the other and turn over another card.

    eg 2 nines

    However, they can only play one card at a time onto a spit pile!

    Spit Rules of Engagement

    • Players may only use one hand
    • Players can only move one card at a time
    • Ace’s are Low and High (can go on a 2 or a King)
    • Players can only lay a card that is one number higher or one lower
      • (e.g. If Spit Pile is a 6 then you can ONLY use a 5 or a 7!)


    • At all times players can turn over the topmost card on their 5 stockpiles
    • If less than 5 stockpiles they can move a face-up card across to replace it
    • Never more than 5 stockpiles.
    • If you have less than 5 stockpile cards you can pick them up, so your opponent cannot see the cards you have left to get rid of!

    General Play – The Race Begins

    When both players are ready, they simultaneously shout ‘SPIT‘ and each turn over the topmost card on the pile of cards they placed in the middle.

    They are immediately placed face-up in the middle creating the two Spit Piles.

    Each player races to lay down a card from any of their stockpiles on to either of the new Spit piles.

    Player 1 is fastest with Ace > 2

    Player 2 is then fastest King > Ace

    As Player 1 has less than 5 stockpiles, they can move a face-up card across to fill an empty stockpile.

    Player 2 decides to play their Queen rather than immediately filling their empty Stockpile.

    Both players race to play as many of their stockpile cards as possible, on to the Spit Piles, until neither player can go.


    When neither player can make any further moves, either playing a card on to a spit pile or filling an empty stockpile.


    As at the start, simultaneously, both players again say ‘SPIT’ and immediately turn over the next card from their pile in the middle, and place it face-up on their Spit Pile.

    The Race then continues as before, trying to get rid of all your stockpile cards onto either Spit Pile.

    Winning A Round

    A player wins a round when they have moved all of their Stockpile cards onto either of the Spit Piles.

    They then race to slap their hand down on the smallest of the Spit Piles.

    The Winner of the round is who gets there first (hand underneath!) and they keep that pile. The Loser gets the other pile and both players reset.


    Each player then takes the pile they have slapped, adds any cards they have left from the middle or from their stockpiles, and shuffles.

    Each player then deals out the cards, as at the start of the game, each dealing themselves 5 stockpiles and placing any extra cards in the middle.

    When both players are ready they restart by simultaneously saying ‘Spit’ and playing as before.


    Eventually, one player is left with so few cards that when resetting and trying to deal 5 piles in front of them they run out of cards. They, therefore, have no cards to place in the middle and no cards to create a Spit Pile.

    At this stage, the game is played with only one Spit Pile.

    Both players are then racing to play all their stockpile cards onto the single spit pile and slap the ‘EMPTY’ spit pile.


    If the player with no middle cards is first they then slap the ’empty’ spit pile.

    They are the WINNER of the game!

    Cheatsheet / Printable

    CLICK to download or view Spit the Card Game Cheatsheet as a JPEG

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    Do you play a different variation, let us know in the comments below!

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