Spoons Card Drinking Game, Rules and Tips

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Spoons is a fast-paced, fun game that makes for a great drinking / forfeits game. Great for parties as it works for lots of players without everyone getting smashed too quickly!

Looking for the Non-Drinking Spoons Card Game?
What is the difference for the drinking version?
NOTE: The Drinking Game reduces the number of cards in play to match the number of players. i.e 7 players only use all the 1-7 cards.

This makes the game a little faster and simpler!

Rules for Spoons Drinking Game

How to Play Spoons Card Drinking Game

Players take turns trying to collect four of the same card and once someone does, everyone tries to grab a spoon!

Number of Players 3 – 13


Time for 1 round (5 players): 3 minutes

  • Resources Required

    1 Pack of Cards

    Spoons: 1 less than players (i.e. 8 players need 7 spoons)

  • Setup

    Reduced deck and 1 less spoon for 6 players

    Determine how many players and reduce the number of cards in play accordingly.

    If there are 6 players you only use the cards Ace thru to 6, if there are 7 players then Ace – 7 etc

  • General Play

    Cards moved to the left.

    – Taking the timing from the dealer everyone discards one card to their left. (It may be helpful to say ‘PASS’ when doing so)

    – Each player then picks up the card from their right and decides if they wish to keep it.

    – Dealer / All players call ‘PASS’ and again discard one card to their left.

    Play continues until somebody has 4-of-a-kind. (i.e 4 Aces or 4 fours)

  • Aim of the Game

    The initial aim of the game is to collect four of the same card. ie four 3’s or four King’s

    This then allows you to take one of the ‘Spoons’ from the middle.

    HOWEVER, the real game is when you notice someone taking a spoon!

    It is then a race to grab one of the other spoons!

    As there are not enough spoons for everybody, someone will lose!

  • Tips / Tactics

    – The Big Grab. When you have 4-of-a-kind you immediately make a big deal of grabbing a Spoon.

    All the other players will know, at the same time, and the race is on!

    – The Subtle Touch. When you have 4-of-a-kind you sneakily acquire a spoon whilst still passing cards. How long before people notice! Try NOT to Laugh!

    – The Spoof. Pretending to make a grab for a spoon.

    If a player touches a spoon without someone having 4-of-a-kind, they get a penalty/forfeit.

How to Win (or NOT Lose!)

If you are holding a Spoon you are safe.

If you are not holding a Spoon then DRINK (or other such Forfeit!)


Golden Spoon Variation

A lot of the fun with drinking games come with the additional rules that players can add. Obviously, the standard forfeit is to drink.

In this game, there is one ‘special’ spoon!

The spoon looks identical to all the others from above but has a sticker or mark on the back that makes it easily identifiable. (We use a spot of paint/nail varnish; it chips off or wipes off with nail varnish remover)

Whoever gets the Golden Spoon when grabbing for them can then create a Rule!

BEST ‘NEW RULES‘ to Add to Drinking Games!

  • ONLY drink with your LEFT hand
  • Can’t refer to people by their FIRST NAME
  • If you POINT, then you and the person pointed at must drink (an alternative is if two players make eye contact)
  • You can ONLY point with your ELBOW
  • Only refer to yourself in the THIRD PERSON (e.g. Bob cant say “I want a beer” instead he must say “Bob wants a beer”
  • End every sentence by saying the last word TWICE. (TWICE!)
  • If you swear you have to put your FOREHEAD on the TABLE until somebody else swears!
  • Everyone picks an ANIMAL NOISE and must make it before each Drink. (often gets people multiple times in a row!)
  • T-REX – whenever anybody drinks they have to do it with stubby arms on their chest.
  • RENAMING another player (e.g. DADDY, DARLING, etc) anybody that forgets, drinks.
  • VIKING, Whenever someone holds their index fingers up by their forehead (to look like horns), everyone, once they see the horns, must make rowing motions and noises. The last person to notice and do the rowing must drink.
  • Undo your INVISIBLE SEATBELT whenever you get up. Back on when you sit down.
  • Triple D – DRUNK – DRANK- DRINK If you say any of these words, you d***k!

What Have We Missed?

Let us know in the comments below so we can make the list more complete!

Please remember to drink responsibly! This alcohol drinking game is not meant to lead to you becoming sick due to over-consumption of alcohol.

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