Spoons Card Game; Rules and Tips

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Spoons is a fast-paced, fun game that works with all ages and with 3 ~ 7 players (or even more with a second deck of cards!). These are the RULES + lots of fun variations.

Looking for the Spoons Card Drinking Game Version?
What is the difference for the drinking version?
NOTE: The Drinking Game reduces the number of cards in play to match the number of players. i.e 7 players only use all the 1-7 cards.

This makes the game a little faster and simpler!

Note: The drinking game version (minus the drinking!) may be better for younger kids as it is faster and simpler.

The Rules of Spoons

How to Play Spoons Card Game

Players take turns trying to collect four of the same card and once someone does, everyone tries to grab a spoon!

Number of Players: 3 – 13


Total time for 1 round with 5 players: 5 minutes

  • Resources

    1 Pack of Cards

    Spoons: 1 less than players (i.e. 8 players need 7 spoons)

    Note: Could be anything, doesn’t have to be spoons!

  • Set up

    Set-up for Spoons Card Game

    – The dealer deals out four cards per player and the remaining cards become the draw pile. These are kept next to the dealer.

    – One less spoon than players, the spoons should be placed equally distant from all players in the middle of the table.

    – Everyone can look at their own cards.

    – The last player will discard to the Discard Pile

  • General Play

    – The dealer takes a card from the draw pile, making 5 cards in their hand.

    – They then discard one card from their hand and pass it face down to the left where the next player picks it up.

    – This continues around all the players with each player taking a card from the person on their right, deciding to keep it or not, and then discarding one card to the next player on their left.

    – The last player before the dealer starts a discard pile. If there is no winner and the draw pile is finished then the discard pile is shuffled and becomes the draw pile.

  • Aim of the Game

    The initial aim of the game is to collect four of the same card. ie four 3’s or four King’s

    This then allows you to take one of the ‘Spoons’ from the middle.

    HOWEVER, the real game is when you notice someone taking a spoon! It is then a race to grab one of the other spoons! As there are not enough spoons for everybody, someone will lose!

    If you lose a round then you get a letter from the word S-P-O-O-N.

    If you collect all 5 letters you are out.

  • Tips / Tactics

    Don’t Wait. As soon as you have a card you can pick up, you go!

    The faster the game the more fun and the more easily players forget to check on the spoons!

    The Big Grab. When you have 4-of-a-kind you immediately make a big deal of grabbing a Spoon. All the other players will know, at the same time, and the race is on!

    The Subtle Touch. When you have 4-of-a-kind you sneakily acquire a spoon whilst still passing cards. How long before people notice! Try NOT to Laugh!

    The Spoof. Pretending to make a grab for a spoon.

    If a player touches a spoon without someone having 4-of-a-kind, they get a penalty.

How to Win

– The winner is the last player not to be eliminated.

– Each time you are the last person to grab a spoon you get a letter from the word S-P-O-O-N.

If you collect all 5 letters you are out.


There are a multitude of variations for this game not least the slightly adapted Spoons Drinking Card version where you use a reduced deck of cards.

Golden Spoon Card Game

In this version, there is one ‘special’ spoon!

The spoon looks identical to all the others but has a sticker or mark on the back that makes it easily identifiable. (We use a spot of paint/nail varnish; it chips off or wipes off with nail varnish remover)

Who ever gets the Golden Spoon can then either remove one of the letters they may have collected or give a letter to someone else (we say you cant use this to eliminate someone!)

Spoon Scramble Card Game

This version is ideal for adding some action. The actual card part of the game is the same but rather than the spoons being in the middle they are placed several feet away or in another room. Let the scramble begin! Ideal for playing outside with teenagers.

Not Even Spoons

Don’t use spoons! Why not play the game as part of a party and have the items grabbed be a treat. Candy Bar, Chocolate, Candy Cane or small toy.

Fight Free Spoons

This may be slightly less fun but can work if players are becoming too competitive in grabbing the spoons!

When someone grabs a spoon it is not a race for the remaining spoons! Instead the remaining players keep playing the card part of the game until they also have four matching cards.

Do you know of any further variations we have missed?
Leave us a comment below and we will make our version more complete!

Spoons Card Game

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