The Great Biscuit Bite-Off

This hilarious game, influenced by the ever-popular baking T.V series challenges. Guests have to nibble their biscuit into a given shape against the clock. The best biscuit shape wins. This game works really well as a seated game if you have limited space.

Resources: 3 crackers/biscuits per player

How to play:

The Host invites guests to nibble a shape into their biscuit that best represents them. Invite the Special Guest / Host to judge a winner.

As an alternative, we like to split the game into three rounds with a winner for each round and one overall winner.

Round 1 is the Signature Challenge. As above.

Round 2 is the Technical Challenge. The Host asks participants to nibble a difficult / riske shape from their cracker. The finished products are judged blind and ranked from worst to best by the Bride. 

Round 3 is the Showstopper Challenge. This challenge is for the guests to show off their skills and talent. Given three biscuits what marvellous creation can they nibble to stand out from the crowd!

NOTE: We found the larger ‘chewy’ style biscuits worked best.

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