This classic is still one of the number 1 trending games because it’s creative, competitive and fun!

Easily Adapted to any theme:

  • Wedding – Brides Dress
  • Christmas – Santa Suit
  • Halloween – Mummy Costume
  • etc

Resources: 3-4 rolls of toilet tissue and a roll of sticky tape per team

Traditionally, this game involves teams competing to create a beautiful outfit out of rolls of toilet tissue. However, if you also give each team some sticking tape the design and creativity levels go through the roof and you will definitely have some Catwalk Couture going on! Set a time limit as guests will get really involved in this game and not want to stop!

How to play:

The Host divides all the guests into teams and asks each team to pick a “model” for whom they will design a toilet tissue outfit. 

Give each team 3-4 rolls of toilet tissue and some sticky tape and explain they have ‘x’ amount of time to design their outfit.

When the time is up, invite each team’s “model” to strut their stuff on a catwalk and let the Host choose their favourite outfit.

Tissue couture awakens inner stylist chic in every guest, though some of your models may still end up looking more like Zombies!

It is the perfect game for taking lots of photos, especially a group photo of all the tissue creations together at the end. 

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