Would You Rather….?

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How well do your guests really know each other? How well do they really know themselves! It is then all about how good the questions are and we think the more personalized the better!

Resources: Not required but can be more fun with a prepared list of Would You Rather questions.

We have shared some different ideas for different occasions to get you started.

There are a number of ways to organise the game but this is our favorite. See Variations below.

How to Play:

Choose 10-12 questions for a game. The host then invites the ‘audience’ to vote with a show of hands for the option they think the ‘target’ (Bride, Groom, Birthday Boy, etc) would choose for each question. As the host, you can either put these questions to the ‘target’ before the party and have a list of answers ready, or leave it until the day and ask the ‘target’ for their answer after all the guests have voted.


  • Have a single question for each ‘Guest’ at the party.
  • Let each ‘Guest’ invent their own question for the ‘target’
  • Let each ‘Guest’ choose a question from a hat of pre-written questions.
  • Get Guests to write down a question having shown them a list of suggestions; Knowing the ‘target’, as well as they do, it can be really funny to personalize the questions to make them extra tough!

Ideas For Questions for Women:

  • Would she rather look 10 years older from the neck up, or the neck down?          
  • Would she rather give up coffee for a year or make-up?
  • Would she rather have to eat jam sandwiches for lunch every day or chip sandwiches?
  •  Would she rather go to a nightclub in a bikini and wellies or go to work in school uniform?
  • Would she rather have no eyebrows or only one eyebrow?
  • Would she rather have 7 fingers on each hand or have 7 toes on each foot?
  • Would she rather look like a fish or smell like a fish?
  • Would she rather have no hair or be completely hairy?
  • Would she rather have a dog that could hum or a cat who could whistle?
  • Would she rather live in New Zealand for a year or not go on holiday for 3 years?
  • Would she rather always be 10 minutes late or always be 20 minutes early?
  • Would she rather have third eye or a third ear?

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